Donna Murren
Donna Murren

Survived 62yrs of life!
Deadlift 295, Backsquat 205, Front Squat 173
Climb a rope like a monkey!


CF Masters





Donna Murren

I started CrossFit at 50 years old. I was extremely overweight and struggling with depression.
My son dragged me kicking and screaming to my first CrossFit class! I quickly found a community that took me in and genuinely cared about my overall health and well-being. It didn’t take long for me to be hooked on CrossFit!
After dialing in my nutrition and training habits, through much patience and consistency, in 2016 and 2021, I earned a spot at the CrossFit Games as a master athlete. Competing at the Games has been the highlight of being a CrossFit athlete.
I took the Level 1 trainer’s course thinking it would help me be a better athlete. I started coaching by just filling in “when needed” at the gym. The more I coached the more I loved it! It has truly been so rewarding!
There is always something new to learn, new ways to help people and more ways to develop as a coach. That’s what makes coaching so worth pursuing.

My biggest obstacle as both an athlete and a coach has been my self-doubt. That self-doubt has hindered my ability to grow in so many ways! I have found that surrounding myself with like-minded people who care about my growth and development has helped me achieve more self-confidence. As an athlete that has meant working hard and trusting my abilities. As a coach it means asking questions, finding answers, constantly learning, and finding the areas I am passionate about teaching.

I love coaching! I have a passion for CrossFit! I believe our best tool is consistency.
It’s my desire as a coach to meet people right where they are, help them set realistic goals, and then walk alongside them as they pursue those goals regardless of how long it takes.
I believe CrossFit is a path to health and wellness. The strength training and movement patterns we develop in a CrossFit gym can carry on to a healthier longer life outside of the gym.